About Us


We're Season Pacific, a Hong Kong based apparel company that provides innovative supply chain management solutions to our customers.

We offer a comprehensive range of services ranging from technical solutions, research, design and product development to sourcing and production management and quality control services for clients based all over the world. 

We serve a diverse range of customers and brands —from those that have only purchasing offices in Hong Kong to customers whose comprehensive operations are located overseas, and from customers with private labels to those with mass market international brands. Our customers are located in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Israel, U.S., Mexico and Australia.


WE STRIVE... to remain flexible and sensitive to the needs of our customers. We listen, advise, and approach each new challenge with enthusiasm, energy, and a positive attitude.

WE ENGAGE... our customers every step of the way. We provide insight from design to delivery through each phase of production.

WE ENSURE... that the finished products fully comply with our customers' requirements and expectations. We won't settle for anything less.